Switzerland – What goes up, must come down.

Adrenaline, snow capped mountains, cosy chalets and some of the worlds finest chocolate. Bern, Switzerland’s capital city, is as warm and welcoming as any small mountain town. High prices can put some people off but regardless of your budget, Switzerland is a must visit. My most memorable travel experience took place in the Swiss Alps…

Slovenia – The Soča Valley

Slovenia is an immensely underrated country. Home to some of the top outdoor sport locations in Europe, it’s not a destination to overlook. Carving it’s way down from Italy to North-Western Slovenia is the Soča River. With crystal clear water fresh from the Julian Alps it adds luxurious sparkle to the already picture-perfect natural landscape….

Beaches and Jungles- Where to stay on Koh Chang!

Oasis Jungle Bungalows Before Koh Chang I had never experienced ‘Island life’. I chose a fantastic island to start off with. During our first few nights in Koh Chang we stayed in Oasis’ Jungle bungalows. We paid 750 Baht (roughly £18) a night. Staying in Oasis finally gave me some understanding as to why some…

Dalat: Don’t miss out!

If you want to make your journey through Vietnam as varied and full as possible, be sure to spend time in Dalat.