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Rose Paloma is a fresh, independent, free digital magazine. We cover the topics around travel, sustainability and self care.

Initially we started off as Elle on Travel, however in time for the second issue the name was changed to Rose Paloma.

This is because we cover so much more than travel. We speak about self love, social issues and our own personal journeys.

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In the most recent issue of Rose Paloma, I had the honour of interviewing Baaba Amoh-Barimah on her life and travels in Ghana.

We discussed food, fashion, adventure and even where to go for the best cocktails. It was such a fun collaboration to do and I learned so much about Ghana.

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Once Upon a Time is a story of how my experiences of assault have shaped me. They moulded the relationship I have with my body.

I’m reclaiming my body. These experiences raised me to believe it wasn’t mine, to feel shame around it. I want to start working on overcoming those feelings. You can definitely expect to read more about this journey in future issues. My journey with sexuality, with fashion and confidence.

Just to give you a taste..

Here are some of the other features that have been included in the previous two issues.


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