My Top 10 tips for your first time in China!

Why come to China? China is a magnificent country to visit. The vast cities will both shock and inspire you. The uniquely-spectacular mountains can lure you into a deep, romantic day-dream and instil adventures at the same time. However intimidating it may be, once you are there, you will find it to be one of…

Slovenia – The Soča Valley

Slovenia is an immensely underrated country. Home to some of the top outdoor sport locations in Europe, it’s not a destination to overlook. Carving it’s way down from Italy to North-Western Slovenia is the Soča River. With crystal clear water fresh from the Julian Alps it adds luxurious sparkle to the already picture-perfect natural landscape….

Beaches and Jungles- Where to stay on Koh Chang!

Oasis Jungle Bungalows Before Koh Chang I had never experienced ‘Island life’. I chose a fantastic island to start off with. During our first few nights in Koh Chang we stayed in Oasis’ Jungle bungalows. We paid 750 Baht (roughly £18) a night. Staying in Oasis finally gave me some understanding as to why some…

Dalat: Don’t miss out!

If you want to make your journey through Vietnam as varied and full as possible, be sure to spend time in Dalat.