How to: Avoid Blisters whilst Hiking

This was my downfall when I started my long distance walking. I developed blisters that grew their own blisters, as well as one blackening toe nail.

2021 Bucket List

There have been some good parts of this year, great parts even. However I am not going to try and sugar coat it just because it’s nearly over. Time to just let December happen and look forward to 2021.

Cycling with Post Concussion Syndrome

I don’t think that anyone will understand how appreciative I was of my ability to cycle like that again, unless they have experienced a similar injury.

A picnic is the perfect date

So, what is my recipe for a perfect date? Normally I would be dressed in my comfy hand-cut shorts with a baggy t shirt to hide my belly when it bloats. We would be outdoors, sitting somewhere with whichever snacks take the mood and.. well that is all that’s needed.

Paris on a Shoestring

Hi everyone, welcome back and happy Sunday. Today I want to share with you the story of my days in Paris. It was the very beginning of my Europe trip and I was feeling very stingy. I wouldn’t say this is a guide on budget travel but maybe it could inspire you and show that…