Goals for 2021: Inspiration for Your Resolutions

New Years Eve is near! One of my favourite nights of the year, which is weird because so many of my New Years’ have ended up to be such disappointments. Luckily I will always remain helplessly optimistic about this holiday.

Once upon a time, in a northern, English town, a young waitress purchased an overly priced notebook from Urban Outfitters. A lovely, leather bound, lined notebook that cost the equivalent to four hours of her cutlery polishing. To this day I don’t know what possessed her to buy it, but something did and I’m very glad it did.

After she bought that notebook she walked through the cold and grey city centre to a Waterstones cafe where she ordered a peppermint tea, sat down and started sharing her thoughts with the front page.

It was early on in the December of 2016 and she begun thinking about her plans for the following year. Just out of school, back living at home after deciding University wasn’t where she belonged, she felt a bit lost.

She was quite easy to please really, there were two main things she wanted out of 2017- to visit the Eiffel Tower and to see lots of the stars. She succeeded in both of those things.

In case you haven’t guessed, she was me. Sometimes I like talking about myself in third person like that, it makes me feel more exciting and like my life is some fun story.

The stargazing part is actually quite a fun story. One night I spent stargazing was actually by accident, I had a hiking accident in the Swiss Alps. We got lost coming back down from the peak and one wrong step left me tumbling down the side of the mountain.

We then spent around two hours with nothing to do except wait for the rescue helicopter, look for the constellations in the sky and hope that the branch I was clinging onto didn’t snap- if so I would have been straight down the waterfall. Saying that, the part I always think of is spotting the big dipper in the sky and it is such a pleasant memory.

I wrote a post about the story- ‘Switzerland- What goes up, Must come down

Anyway, what I am trying to say, is I really love making New Years Resolutions. I have already made a 2021 bucket list but I want to set myself some goals too. So here they are, I hope they help to inspire you.

Run 10K
I did start running this year but I am not great at the whole breathing part so I don’t tend to last long. Harry bought my some wonderful pink running trainers for Christmas so I’m excited to push myself further with it.

Build a healthy relationship with my body
I am really terrible with comparing myself to other women. Especially when it comes to shape and weight. It is definitely time to cut that the **** out.
I don’t think much more needs to be said here. I’m just going to learn to love myself.

Stop putting work before health
I think people in hospitality can be really guilty of this. We come from the world of no weekends, no schedule, no breaks, no bank holidays and certainly no work-life balance. The industry can certainly **** with you, if you let it. I intend to stop letting it and start working on my work-life balance.

Save, save save
I know that I want to travel full time, as soon as I can. I would like that to be by the end of 2021 and so one of my biggest goals is to kick into gear, stop buying takeaways and start saving my money.
Image by Franz W. from Pixabay

Wake up for sunrise more often
I really, really love mornings, it always feels so peaceful watching the world wake up. I have just developed such bad sleep habits this year that I can never wake up in the mornings.
I would like to aim to wake up for sunrise once a week but I know that is quite unrealistic for me until I start sleeping properly.
The only time I ever see the sunrise actually is when I’m on the early shift at work… which just doesn’t have the same serenity to it.
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Get my sleep back on track
Not just for the sunrise, but for my mental health. Not sleeping right does terrible things for your mind and body.
Image by JayMantri from Pixabay

Learn to bake
More specifically, I want to learn- pie, gingerbread, chocolate muffins, triple chocolate cookies, cinnamon buns, cheesecake and meringues.
Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Reach 5K on Instagram
When I started my Instagram it was solely to promote my blog. As it grew and I started to meet so many wonderful people on the platform, I grew to love it more and respect it as it’s separate entity.
I’m really excited about growing it further and seeing where I can take it.

So there we are, my goals for 2021. I am 100% an advocate of making New Years Resolutions. It is a great way to take a step back, look at your life and see what you would like to change. Tell me about your goals for 2021 in the comments and be sure to follow me on instagram (help me reach that ambitious goal).

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Have a fantastic 2021 everyone!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. traveladdictedunicorn says:

    Great goals!! Having the same issues with body comparison and my sleep schedule is totally out of wack. Followed you on IG so you are one step closer to 5k 🙂


  2. nualay says:

    Great stuff, Elle .I was really absorbed by your account of your fall. If it’s clear tomorrow, why don’t you join us at the field?. Frankie had a wonderful little fire in the trees near your camping spot this evening and we saw the wonderful moon, reflected in the floods. We did papers with what we wanted to change and wat we’d like for next year and also lovely memories from last year. I found that I had lots and should have included last night which was lovely and crazy. Nuala Sent: 29 December 2020 21:17 To: nualayoung@hotmail.com Subject: [New post] Goals for 2021: Inspiration for Your Resolutions

    Elle Young posted: ” New Years Eve is near! One of my favourite nights of the year, which is weird because so many of my New Years’ have ended up to be such disappointments. Luckily I will always remain helplessly optimistic about this holiday. Once upon a time, in a nort”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alice says:

    Love these ideas! My new year’s resolutions are to drink more water, eat more veggies, smile more often and continue being grateful for things ❤️❄️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elle Young says:

      I love those 😊😊 I remember when I wanted to start drinking more water I made my self give up fizzy drinks for a couple months, then afterwards I only ever craved water and its stuck with me for years ❤ (I don’t know if you’re a fizzy drink lover but it worked for me)

      Liked by 1 person

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