A picnic is the perfect date

Morning all, I hope you are well. I am doing pretty good nowadays, my cousin has come to visit us and I have started spending more quality time with family which feels great after such a long lock down.
On the other side of things, I have just found out astrology has been read wrong all this time and I am no longer a Pisces. Its giving me a bit of an identity crisis because I have connected so much and so proudly with Pisces since childhood. So there is that to deal with, anyone else confused about all of that?
Anyway, I won’t dive into that any further. Today I want to talk about my perfect date, or just my perfect way to spend time with anyone ever. Is this travel themed? I suppose not. However I like to see my time I am spending living in a quaint historic English town as part of my travel journey. So this is technically part of it too. So… it is close enough, sit back and enjoy the read 🙂

So, what is my recipe for a perfect date? Normally I would be dressed in my comfy hand-cut shorts with a baggy t shirt to hide my belly when it bloats. We would be outdoors, sitting somewhere with whichever snacks take the mood and.. well that is all that’s needed. I suppose being near a water source is a plus- those blue spaces create good vibes.

All about those blue space good vibes

I’m not hard to please. Five star or expensive restaurants aren’t my cuppa tea. They normally make me feel quite uncomfortable, I am too used to being the server to enjoy being served. However if we buy chips and beer and head to a patch of grass to enjoy them, you will have me swept off my feet in all the right ways.

This is exactly what Harry and I did for our most recent date night. It was one of Englands warm evenings, which seem to be decreasing in numbers already. The sun was out and the golden light was just setting in. Pubs have re-opened and we were going to take a trip to our local. It has a large beer garden so we knew it might be easier for us to ease out of social distancing there.

When we arrived, we found out that they are only accepting reservations, not walk-ins, in order to manage the flow of people and meet current safety standards. Whilst I love the pub, that failure of ours to book was a blessing in disguise.

We went to plan B of date night. Splitting up to save time, I took to the kebab van to order two large portions of chips- one with garlic sauce of course. Harry picked up two large Estrellas from the shop. Happy to have spent a combined £10 on our dinner we strolled down to the riverside meadow.

With everyone back in pubs and restaurants, the meadow was actually quieter than it usually is, we got a whole field to ourselves. We laid out our coats as makeshift picnic blankets and I quickly opened up the chips. Once upon a time I would have felt too nervous to kiss some one after eating garlic sauce in case my breath smells, unfortunately for Harry, I have grown far past that insecurity with him.

I was made an even happier woman when Harry was too full to finish his chips and I got to eat the rest for him. It really was a magical evening.

Our bellies were full of love when we laid back on the coats looking at the blue sky. Admiring it in a tranquil way you only can when your mind is free from all worries.

We talked about how it would be this perfect every evening if we went on a camping holiday. I started trying to think of where we could go in my head already, mentally booking the site. The sun was wrapping us up with warmth until the moment it’s last ray disappeared beneath the horizon.

The evening made me think of my Grandparents, when they read the newspapers side by side at the kitchen table or when they go off on their campervan holidays together. I always look at them and see such content. This evening gave me a glimpse of that.

Almost too quickly, the chilled breeze started making itself known and so we made our way back home. As we were strolling over the old stone bridge to our flat we promised ourselves we would carve out the time in our busy schedules to make evenings like this a regular occasion.

A picnic really is the best way to enjoy the company of your loved ones. I have been doing this a lot with family too recently and it has been wonderful. Luckily, we can all have evenings like this with minimal money and nearly anywhere around the world.

Just be sure to deal with your waste responsibly, bringing your own drinks in flasks is the best option, if you have the chance, why not bring your own food and make it zero waste.

Thank you all for reading! I challenge you to invite a some one to a picnic this week, or go out to eat your dinner outside solo. Have a self-love date in the park. Enjoy it to the fullest and I will see you next week.

Lots and lots of love,


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  1. Boalhelen says:

    Charmed and inspired by this post. Picnics are great and as ever you write beautifully. Enjoy many picnics with Harry this summer xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elle Young says:

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy lots of picnics too xxx


  2. Jayne says:

    What a lovely and refreshing post to read xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elle Young says:

      Thank you 🙂 xx


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