Snorkelling in Koh Mak

Koh Mak Snorkelling- both amazing and exhausting

Before this day, I had never snorkelled before. My expectations were low. They didn’t mean to be, I was just incapable of imagining anything like this. In my head, I pictured a day of floating in shallow rock pools no deeper than a bathtub, dipping our masks under to see a few fish every now and then.

I hadn’t really ever looked into what snorkelling was like and what to expect. So every second blew me away. It was how I imagine a kid would feel the first time they go to Disney land.. except this was more magical.

It was a cloudy day, almost raining. I’m thankful for this, the grey sky made the water opaque from above and kept what I was about to experience a secret from me. Having arrived at our first Island we clambered into the water, flippers fastened and my snorkel.. nearly in place.

Our guide told me to look down, It didn’t feel like we were above anything special so I was just expecting to look down onto rocks and sand. I dipped my head under water and my eyes shot open. I was floating above an underwater kingdom. There was coral reef and a humbling, abundance of different colour fish.

We circled around the Island, diving down to swim amongst the herds. I saw a rainbow fish exactly like the one from my favourite childrens book. I prayed that I would remember the experience forever, either that or grow flippers and live the experience forever. I am a water star sign after all, so this was my habitat.

Sadly we didn’t meet the famed whale shark that snorkelers had met on a recent trip, we did encounter a few jellyfish that I’m convinced were trying to play a game of tag with us. We won and got to enjoy a day free of stings.

Loving every second, I ignored the fact that the waves were washing into my snorkel. I thought that breathing in the sea was normal.. I successfully learned how to breath in enough to get oxygen but not too much the the water would go down my throat too. It was only a couple hours in, half way through the second Island when I asked my guide if this was normal.

Our guide told me I was wearing the mask the wrong way, he showed me how to fix it.. after this I enjoyed the wonder of putting my head underwater and still being able to breath the air from above. Snorkelling got a lot easier with that aspect.

I spent the rest of the day taking full advantage of my new oxygen, keeping my head below the water every second possible. It felt like time was frozen, I was in love with my new world, just like a kid in Disneyland I never wanted to leave.

Thank you for reading!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I also had my first snorkeling experience in Thailand. We did ours around Koh Ha. It was really cool but I’m not a water person so it was a challenging day, but I’m glad I did it. Looks like you had a great time too


    1. Elle Young says:

      Ah thailand is really great for it 😊 have you done it again since?


  2. madhuonthego says:

    Wow looks like a great experience .


  3. Lisa says:

    Congrats on your first time snorkelling! It’s so magical!


    1. Elle Young says:

      Thank you! It was amazing 🙂 x


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