Where to eat in Lisbon – My Number One Recommendation!!

Lisbon is definitely a must visit city for any foodie. Whether you are dining on bacalhau of feasting on Pastel de Nata, your taste buds can’t be disappointed. This post is about my number one dinner recommendation. It’s modern, it’s trendy and it’s delicious. When in Lisboa, you should 100% visit the Time Out Market.

From the outside, I had barely noticed it. We walked past on our way to our hotel and Harry pointed it out saying how famous it was. Of course because I seem to live under a rock or in my own bubble, I had never heard of it.

I trusted Harry enough for us to try it and we decided to dine there our second night.. and then nearly every other night. In fact I think we found an excuse to eat there every day.

When you walk inside, at most times of the day, you will be greeted by a buzzing atmosphere. The plus side to this is you can’t not have a good time. The downside.. is it is nearly impossible to find seats. Once you do, DO NOT GIVE THEM UP. Our first time we spent probably half an hour walking around the market in circles struggling to commit to just one dish. Should we have two dinners? Should we move here? If anyone would like to sponsor us to opt for either of those options please do get in contact…

After much consideration, soul searching and discussion; we were finally romanced by Café de São Bento or otherwise known as ‘The Best Steak in Lisbon’. I ordered a dish inspired by the Marrare Steak- the traditional steak of Lisbon in the 18th century. It came in a cream sauce and has been prepared to the same recipe for almost 40 years- surely nothing half-arsed could last 40 years.

After ordereing we recieved a buzzer and thus begun the battle of the seats. Tip for future market goers: find your seats first then hold them and go up separately to order. In a market that seems to fit hundreds we began to wonder if there was any space for us. We circled and circled, walking by those who had clearly finished and were hoarding table space. What if our buzzers buzzed and we had no space to eat. Can you even eat steak standing?

At last, just as I was losing hope, we spot a cosy corner for two on the end of one long table. We had already lost so many chances to couples savvier than us. We would not lose this one. It was ours, our spot in the market. The spot where I would taste the most divine steak that could ever pass through my lips.

As now we knew better than to take seats for granted, I held our land and Harry went on a wine hunt. He returned, much to my satisfaction, with two large glasses of red.

Our buzzer began to buzz and with it rose my excitement. I’d never had a steak in the restaurant before and I am glad I saved myself for this one. It was everything your first time is supposed to be.

Tender, succulent and flavoursome. Bathing in a creamy sauce and accompanied by chips. Café de São Bento will take good care of you. It will leave you telling your friends about it and longing for more.

The following days we enjoyed more of Time Out Markets fantastic dishes including but not limited to; pizza, sushi, pastel de nata and prego. Luckily this week we also spent a lot of time walking up hills. We could have done with a few more though..

Time Out Market manages to make a food hall both high end and affordable. The food is incredible and whilst it isn’t ‘Travel on a shoestring’, it is great value. My steak, for example, was the equivalent of £12.70. The huge variety of options- over 50 stalls means any diet is welcome. It is easy to find, in the neighbourhood of Cais Sodre. So to sum up.. feed your soul with some culinary therapy and visit Time Out Market Lisbon.

Thank you for reading!!

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