A perfect evening in Lisbon- scooters and piri piri chicken

Lisbon is a beautiful, romantic and delicious city. Made of hills, filled with pastry and glazed with art- its the ideal European destination. Also yes, that title was click bait but it really was a perfect evening.

We were in Belem, keen to taste the alleged best pastel de nata in Lisbon. You can find this at Pasteis de Belem. They have been open and serving since 1837. Yes it was delicious however, for me, the overcrowded tourist factor killed the experience a bit. I still think it is something you should try when in Lisbon.

My head was busy and aching from the crowd so we sat down on the dock to eat them away from the buzz. We sprinkled them with cinnamon and icing sugar and bit into the famous pastries. They had a perfect crisp and were still warm from the oven. The wind and the view of the river Tagus was quieting my brain and helping me relax. We had got the bus there and were planning on getting it back but our newfound calm had us dreaming of scooting back along the river.

In lisbon you will find lots of electric scooters and bikes to rent with different companies such as uber and lime. We decided to use some lime scooters and hoped that the bike track would lead us all the way back to Cais Sodre.

It sort of did.. Although there was a bike track the majority of the way, there was a fair amount of cobbly tiles too. My vision does not work all that well since a head injury a couple years ago and when scooting over the cobble it did resemble some sort of apocalyptic earthquake. Aside from that mild disturbance, it was one of my favourite experiences of my adult life.

With the wind very much in our hair, the sun setting and the clouds threatening us with rain we whizzed back. Racing each other on the smooth stretches and Harry being very patient with me on the not so smooth. We saw street art and backstreets we definitely wouldn’t have on foot. Some mischievous kids enjoyed stressing me out by racing past me way too closely a few times. We even saw the view under 25th April Bridge which was was my favourite part.

Renting scooters is definitely my recommendation for Lisbon. It is such an interesting way to get around. You get to see more than you will on foot and you don’t miss it all like you would on transport. It also brings you back to the joy of childhood.. or at least it did for me.

As the way to my heart is through my stomach, the only way to make this evening better for me would be more food. Harry had been researching where to get the best Piri Piri Chicken in Lisbon. He did find a pretty perfect spot. A restaurant called BonJardim- tucked away in an alley in the neighbourhood of Rossio. It was understated, romantic and the most incredible cuisine.

At dinner we proceeded to spoil ourselves, we ate the bread and cheese that came to the table. We ordered giant prawns to start, followed by a half chicken and chips. Providing the cherry topping to our dinner, a busker arrived with a guitar.

After stuffing ourselves on these delicacies we rolled back up the hill to our hotel, stopping once for a ginja in a chocolate cup and tearing ourselves away from a second dinner in the time out market.

I am so glad we chose Lisbon for our holiday- it is the perfect romantic getaway. I can’t recommend it enough and I have more posts in the works so make sure you subscribe and follow my instagram to keep updated.

Another perfect destination for a couples holiday is Ljubljana, be sure to check out my guide below. https://elleontravel.net/2019/01/15/ljubljana-love-at-first-wander/

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