Tynemouth – One of my favourite spots in the world

A trip to Newcastle is not complete without a trip to the coast. The past few times Harry and I have been to Newcastle, we have chosen Tynemouth as our spot. That coastline is both filled with memories from my childhood and where I do all my dreaming for the future.

On the corner of the town centre sits Woods cafe, they have perfected hot chocolate and chai lattes and they steam their latte milk so perfectly a barista will dream about it. There is nothing better than a seasonal hot drink from Woods on windy day.

The first beach you’ll come across as you walk north along the coast is King Edwards Bay. This is the glamour spot. Where you’ll find the atmospheric, overpriced fish bar that has people queuing for an hour on some summer days. This beach is where I spent the last summer of my school days.

Next it’s Tynemouth Longsands. You have a cafe at each end, both of them serve fantastic food and have heartwarming views of the sea. The reason I love Longsands though is this is where the dreaming happens. This is where Harry and I first decided to travel Asia together.

This is where the noise of the waves calms my overactive brain and cheer infects everyone around. It’s a great spot for surfing.. for those of you who can’t feel the cold (or own expensive wetsuits). For any dog lovers out there, this spot will be your favourite, even on the coldest days, the beach will be filled with excited dogs. If a person walks onto this beach in a bad mood, they will walk out the other side healed.

Further north past Tynemouth is Cullercoats. This is where I spent my childhood. This is where my school took us every single year. Where my group got started on by what felt like a mob one summers evening. This is where we tried to start our tradition of a winters pier jump that last just one year. This is where I ate some incredible Bolognese pizza.

Tynemouth is reason enough to go up north. If you’re visiting the UK. You must include it on your trip. You have surf, views, and food. You might even be lucky enough to come in the one weekend out of the year where it will be (just about) warm enough to sunbathe.

Cullercoats pier

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