Beaches and Jungles- Where to stay on Koh Chang!

Oasis Jungle Bungalows

Before Koh Chang I had never experienced ‘Island life’. I chose a fantastic island to start off with. During our first few nights in Koh Chang we stayed in Oasis’ Jungle bungalows. We paid 750 Baht (roughly £18) a night.

Staying in Oasis finally gave me some understanding as to why some people go on holiday and barely leave the accommodation. If we weren’t near the end of our trip, keen to fit in as many experiences possible, we could’ve easily spent half our day sitting in the restaurant or our private balcony. With views over the jungle and the ocean as the backdrop, where better to go at sunset?.

Luckily we did manage to get ourselves out so we could explore more places on the Island. On night one, we found a bar that is on the edge of the ocean. We sat on cushions and drank cocktails and beer as the sun went down. We failed to resist the potato wedges, garlic bread and nachos they had on offer. As we watched the sunset I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect and blissful everything was, really appreciating that I was able to be present for a moment like this.

For a place that is so easy to find, Oasis does an amazing job at making you feel as if you’re in the heart of the jungle. Whilst having breakfast we would see monkeys running around the grounds. For our second visit (after Koh Mak) we wanted to stay somewhere directly on the beach. Instead of booking online, we rented a motorbike and ventured out on a mission to find the best beach bungalow on the island.

Finding Klong Kloi Cottages

Riding a scooter around Koh Chang is not for the faint of heart. Steep hills make it quite dangerous but the roads aren’t busy which makes it a bit easier. Ride to the east side of the island to find hidden waterfalls and fancy resorts with fresh seafood restaurants. Most the beaches will be found on the west but there is one secluded beach in the south. We didn’t go (partly due to laziness and partly time constraint) but I believe.. you need to drive all the way to the south east of the Island then park your bike and walk there as there is no ‘real path’ connecting it to the road.

On the west, you have all types of accommodation. The further south you look, the less resorts there are and the less obviously touristic it is. I would advise staying either on Lonely Beach or Klong Kloi beach, depending on who you are. For groups that are after more of a nightlife and bar scene, Lonely Beach is the place for you. For couples who are looking for more of a romantic ‘Island getaway’ perhaps Klong Kloi is more up that alley. However saying that, we are a couple and stayed on lonely beach and we loved it too.

After our day of bungalow hunting, we decided to stay at Klong Kloi cottages. For our final days on the Islands we just wanted a nice hut (preferably on the cheaper side) where we could step out the door and onto the beach.

Klong Kloi ticked all the boxes for us. The owner was really friendly and he even showed us the bungalow before we booked. We opted for the most basic, a double bed and fan room with a private toilet. This cost us 600 baht (roughly £15) a night .

All the staff members were friendly and helpful. Coffee was served in small jugs which made my day. Most importantly you are on the doorstep of a beach, ideal for swimming and relaxing. You can spend you evenings watching the sunset over the pier.

Koh Chang is what you dream of when you think about Thai islands. It still benefits from being less well known than the southern islands so you won’t be swarmed with crazy party goers. This makes it a great island for couples and families. It also has heaps of trendy bars so if you visit in the right time of year you can still enjoy a nightlife. The beaches and sunsets were unlike anything I have ever imagined.. to be honest I feel like I can hardly scratch the surface of how idyllic this island is so you should just visit and then we can chat about it for hours.

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